Hospitalized Man Makes Miraculous Recovery Thanks To His Dog

James Wathen, a hospitalized 73-year-old man, whispered to a health care worker that he missed his dog. Wathen hadn't seen Bubba since he was hospitalized weeks prior. He had stopped eating and was quickly deteriorating. His nurses hoped a reunion would provide comfort to their patient, and worked hard to find Wathen's one-eyed chihuahua, Bubba. After a few phone calls, they located the dog. He had been taken to Knox-Whitley Animal Shelter and placed in a foster family. They found out that Bubba stopped eating, too. But what happened when he made it to his human's hospital room was amazing. JamesWathen_dog Wathen made a dramatic transformation. He began speaking, sitting up, and eating. Bubba started feeling better too. Knox-Whitley Animal Shelter president Mary-Ann Smyth hopes this incredible story shows the tremendous impact animals can make in people’s lives. Photos via Knox-Whitley Animal Shelter h/t

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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