Hero Risks His Life Dangling From A 250 Foot Cliff To Rescue Stranded Dog

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

January 1, 2016

The gasp-inducing photo above is enough to send chills down any dog lover’s spine. It’s difficult to even imagine the terror this poor pup must have experienced during the events that took place Monday in Cromer, Norfolk.


Millie, a Border Collie, had been missing for 21 hours at the time of this daring rescue. She was separated from her owners after being frightened by another dog. People believe that she was trapped on a narrow ledge just below the cliff face for most of the that time – including one long, windy night. Had she slipped, she would have fallen approximately 250 feet.


A kindhearted stranger named Derek Shaw saved Millie’s life. Derek spotted the dog’s precarious situation while on vacation with his wife, Anna. He couldn’t bear the thought of leaving Millie to die. He told Mirror Online:

I love dogs and I just didn’t want to leave it there.


Derek enlisted his wife and another Samaritan to grip his legs as he hung the front half of his body over the 250-foot drop. Millie was frozen in place with her claws dug deep into the sand when she seemed to realize that help had arrived. She slowly stood up just enough so that Derek could grab hold of her collar and hoist her to safety. Derek, a father of two, realizes that his actions were quite dangerous to his own safety.

Looking back it was probably a bit of a stupid thing to do, but when you are a dog lover you do not think.


Millie’s frantic owners, Bobby Baker and Laurel Bowes had been calling local vets, police, dog wardens and radio stations in search of their beloved girl ever since she ran off the previous afternoon. Bowes broke down in tears when Millie was returned home and she learned of Derek’s daring rescue of Millie.

millie's parents

Derek refused the young couple’s offer of a financial reward. They are incredibly grateful for his heroism, and for the outpouring of support they received from their community. Millie suffered mild dehydration as a result of her ordeal, but she is doing well and recovering safely at home.

H/T to NY Daily News

Featured Image via Mirror Online

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Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

January 1, 2016

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