Man Uses Facebook To Sell Malnourished Puppy He Got His Daughter For Christmas

**Please note that while the images in this article are not graphic, they may be upsetting to some pups.** Elizabeth Mashburn, who is with Lucky Pup Rescue in Greenville, SC, saw something incredibly sad while browsing Facebook. She saw someone selling a dog - essentially calling it an unwanted Christmas present. More horrifying, was that person was dangling the clearly terrified puppy in the air, holding it only by the dog's lead. facebook dog sale Elizabeth immediately contacted the man who posted the photo. On Monday, Elizabeth and her husband, Matthew, picked up the malnourished Pit Bull. Although the dog was now safe in Elizabeth's arms, she did not think the tiny puppy, whom she named Walker, would survive. facebook dog sale 2 The Pittie puppy has a protruding belly and is otherwise skin and bones. Walker shows signs of severe dehydration and is infested with worms. None of this is surprising, as the puppy's first owner admitted to purchasing him from a puppy mill. Walker is currently in foster care and will be available for adoption once he is healthy. To learn more about adopting Walker or any of the other pups at Lucky Pup Rescue SC, visit their website. Watch a local news story about Walker below:
FOX Carolina 21
Feature image via Fox Carolina News.

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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