This Man Rescued Four Trapped Puppies, But We’re Not Sure We Could Do What He Did

After hearing a chorus of tiny cries for aid, a Thai man - believed to be a naval officer - climbed through over 300 feet of a sewer full of human waste to rescue four tiny puppies. (We know it's gross. Stay with us.) The puppies were trapped there after having been washed inside by a heavy rain. The video shows the man emerging with his precious cargo in tow, as his friends happily encourage him. As you watch this brave act, ask yourself: would you do this to save a doge? [bp_related_article] Hooman, highest of high paws!!!!!! (Also, where can we send you 30 boxes of soap for you and the pups, stat?) Woof of advice: Put down the food before you watch this one :)
h/t to New York Daily News
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Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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