Considerate Manatee Stands Guard Over Stranded Pup Until Help Arrives

The Tampa Police Department was recently called in to rescue a beautiful Pit Bull stuck in a Florida river, unable to get out. When they got there, they saw a scared pooch with a manatee floating around him. [bp_related_article] 10658570_730693280336207_675391833137129836_o The Tampa Police Department said on their Facebook page that it looked like the manatee was keeping the scared pup company until Marine Patrol could arrive and complete the rescue. 10644851_729960907076111_6871714643894969991_n Thankfully, the pup was saved and returned safely back to his owners. 1011674_729963867075815_6860478568014114792_n While the exact reason the manatee was hanging around the pup may not be known, we'd like to believe it was keeping a protective eye on the Pittie, like his own personal marine angel.
featured image via Tampa Police Department/Facebook

Tasmai Uppin

7 years ago

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