Matted And Missing 2 Legs, This Pup Was Left For Dead Until These Humans Saved Him

Written by: Stephanie Valente

August 14, 2015

Imagine not having access to a shower or being able to groom yourself. The lack of access would have disastrous effects on your body and mind. Amaze-Bobb is a Toy Poodle rescue pup who experienced just that.

amaze bobb

At ten years old, Amaze-Bobb was found wandering the streets of San Diego. He had been living a life of neglect and uncertainty. His fur was so matted that it cut off circulation to two of his legs. The damage was so severe, that his legs were self-amputated.

Another effect of Bobb’s neglect was tooth decay and rot. This pup had a life that seemed grim and hopeless until Animal Synergy found him.

bobb before

When Animal Synergy’s Carla rescued him, Bobb had not been groomed in his lifetime. The pup was in rough shape and he was frightened. While Carla was stabilizing Bobb’s new life with care and rescue, Megan and Nate stepped up to foster him and eventually adopted him.

Pure bliss!

As Bobb continued to heal, he began to enjoy every day activities without fear: playing, even running, and soaking up quality time with loved ones. His foster pawrents ended up taking Bobb to visit sick children in oncology hospitals, to spread joy and love. All the while, Bobb never got himself down — he kept learning how to walk, run, and play with ease.

After spending so much time with the pup and seeing his journey turn from heartbreaking to heartwarming, they knew Bobb was a part of their family. After spending time carefully healing under Carla’s watch, Bobb was given the all clear to take Bobb with them on their move from San Diego to Colorado.

Bobb and Carla traveling to Colorado.

Bobb’s story shows us the power of never giving up. This pup didn’t give up and then, he found his forever home. While his life certainly has struggles and painful memories, this is a story about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

The compassion of people is heartwarming, even when Bobb’s circumstances were some of humanity’s darkest.

His perseverance and devotion to life was profound. In an interview with Daily Mail, Megan said:

“Bobb doesn’t feel sorry himself, and neither do we. He deserved a second chance and to know what love is and how good life can be.”

Experiencing love and joy never felt so good.

Now, I can hardly see Bobb’s horrific past. Bobb can remind us of the power of second chances and how it’s important to never let the struggles get you down. This is a real happy ending.

Bobb gets to enjoy his forever family and run in adventures with his two canine sisters, Kaytu and Denali. I suspect to see many happy, healthy and pup filled updates in the future!

"Let's break into the treat bag. Come on, just this once."
“Let’s break into the treat bag. Come on, just this once.”

Bobb and Lamb

Playing with his lamb. He's been playing every day, at least once a day! This may sound like no big deal, but I think back to when we were first fostering him and he didn't want to do anything at all. Play tells me that he feels safe, comfortable, happy, and healthy. What more could we ask for? <3

Posted by Amaze-Bobb on Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bobb’s spirit is infectious and I look forward to seeing his new life unfold. For more Amaze-Bobb pupdates, follow him on Facebook.

All images via Amaze-Bobb

h/t via The Dodo

Written by: Stephanie Valente

August 14, 2015

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