Two Senior Dogs Came Into Each Others Lives, What Happened Next Was Beautiful

When two senior dogs came into the lives of friends Bonnie Bentley and Lindsay Gamache, they had no idea that the pups would become fast friends. Neither did they realize that friendship would take them on a journey that would end in a children’s book.


The choice of a children’s book was natural for Bentley and Gamache. They work with foster children, and are passionate about bringing the arts into schools despite budget cuts. Kota and Maxwell also join them in their work.

The Adventures of Maxwell and Kota is the story of how one rescued older pup bonds with his other neighborhood pooch, and how they realize that being mutts and rescues might not be such a bad thing after all.

Although the story is still currently looking for a publisher for a physical production of the book, the tale is available to download as an ebook. Additionally, the writers have teamed up with the rescue Saving Spot!, a Los Angeles based rescue where proceeds of the book will go directly to help other pups in need.


Want to know more about the story? Watch the trailer and see for yourselves the pawesome story of these pooches and their hoomans! You can also check their Twitter and Facebook for updates on the status of the hard copy book publication!

RescuePups BarkBox Promo V2 from Lindsay Gamache on Vimeo.


Lisa Bernier

8 years ago