Meanwhile In India: Abandoned Puppy Adopted By Monkey

These days, it can begin to feel like each morning brings a daily dose of horrible news and word of more atrocities around the world. So much bad news can be heavy on the heart. That's why it's extremely important that you hear about this Rhesus Macaque in New Delhi who recently took it upon herself to adopt a tiny pup in need! Not only does the Macaque spoil the puppy with affection, she looks after and cares for him as though he is her own! From letting him eat first to ensure he gets enough food... monkey1 copy To toting her pupkid around town... monkey2 To protecting him from the dangers lurking all around... monkey7 We're not sure what circumstances brought these two together, but this monkey mama has got skills for days! monkey11 Latest Pupdate: Although they received plentiful attention, love, and food from locals, we've learned it's possible humans decided to separate the pair. We're unsure if a reunion is possible, but we've got our fingers crossed for these two and we will follow up as information becomes available.

H/T and Featured Image via Zee News India

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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