After Meat Farm Is Shut Down, Rescued Dogs Get Their First Belly Rubs

In February, Humane Society International successfully shut down one of the many meat markets that exist in Korea. Unfortunately, closing down one of these facilities is just step one. Next, HSI needed help to get these poor pups out of Korea and that's where The San Francisco SPCA stepped in, taking in more than 64 dogs. former meat dogs 5 Thanks to the combined efforts of these organizations these dogs will never be looked at as food again and they won't be exposed to the elements or be forced to live in cramped cages. Now they will have access to clean water, they'll know what a belly rub feels like, they'll get lots of snuggles and treats, and they'll have a warm bed to sleep on at night. Most importantly, what these dogs will always have is a safe place to be without fear.
From Cage to Couch: Dogs rescued from a Korean Meat FarmWe’re caring for dogs rescued from the dog meat industry in Korea – please help these survivors! To give, comment ‘#donate $40’ (or any other amount). We'll reply with a link that lets you confirm your donation. It's easy and secure! Help us shut down this cruel industry one dog meat farm at a time. Posted by The San Francisco SPCA on Wednesday, March 2, 2016
The SFSPCA could use help covering the cost of housing these pups. So, if you would like to help these cuties, we encourage you to donate to the SFSPCA Korea Pups.

Featured Image & H/T: Facebook/ San Francisco SPCA

Michella Ventres

6 years ago

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