The Surprising Way One Dog Helps in Times of Devastation

Written by: Griffin Shaffer

March 13, 2014

Meet Butler.

Butler 1

Butler is the new Weather Channel Therapy Dog.  The Weather Channel, in partnership with the American Humane Association, held a nationwide search to find, adopt and train a therapy dog.  Butler will accompany The Weather Channel personnel to help in times of devastation and natural disaster.

According to The Weather Channel Web site, Butler is a 35-pound, 1.5 year old male shepherd mix who was rescued from the Humane Society in Charlotte.

Butler 7

Butler’s new forever home is with Amy McCullough, the AHA’s National Director of Animal-Assisted Therapy.  She is also Butler’s trainer.

Butler 8

“Hey everyone, meet my new awesome owner!”

Described as the perfect therapy dog, Butler is affectionate, well mannered, attentive and energetic.

Butler’s duties and responsibilities as The Weather Channel therapy dog will include visiting schools, hospitals, shelters and others in need across the country following natural disasters.

Butler 2

“A therapy dog’s work is never done.”

However, it’s not all work.  Butler enjoys being a dog and all the perks that go with his newfound stardom.

Butler 6

“Wow, the treat selection here is top notch!”

From photo shoots to television interviews, Butler has become quite the celebrity!

Butler 9

“Make sure you get my good side.”

Butler 11

“From all of us here at The Weather Channel, you stay classy…planet earth.”

Butler is also having a blast making new friends and just being a normal pup!

Butler 12

Butler 5

 “The toilet paper roll started it.”

You can keep track of Butler and follow him on his journeys across the country on Facebook and by tuning into The Weather Channel!  You can also learn more about Butler on The Weather Channel’s website.

(And of course, to prep Butler for all the pawsome work he’s going to do, we had to send him a BarkBox.) 🙂


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Written by: Griffin Shaffer

March 13, 2014

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