Meet Charlie, A Canadian Dingus Who Loves Animal Planet And Other Dog’s Poop

Hello, Happy Thursday, dinguses. I hope you like chocolate, because this week our dingus is Charlie The Canadian Chocolate Lab, or @charliethechocolate on Instagram.

He started as a dingus, and he’s not giving it up any time soon.


Let’s just say, he lives up to his name Chocolate. And by that, I mean he eats poop. He will never eat his own poop. But according to his mom, “he loves other dog’s.”



If he doesn’t fill up on poop, he’s waiting for dinner. Here’s his pre-dinner march.

Charlie loves to watch TV, specifically Animal Planet or National Geographic. I’m assuming it’s like Real Housewives for dogs.

Recently though, he’s really getting into horror movies? Why? Because, dingus reasons. His hooman, Kim, told us:

“I recently just learned that horror movies are his ultimate favourite. He refuses to look away even when it’s super scary.

“This just got really dark. It’s OK. I’m fine. I am not afraid.” (Side note: He is afraid of lint rollers. But not horror movies. OK, dingus. OK.)


“Jk I am a little afraid.”


Nothing a little popcorn can’t fix, though.
(This is actually the face I make whenenever I see a fly, or any type of insect, or anything with wings to be honest)


I definitely do not decide to eat it though. But I’d totes eat popcorn flying through the air. I mean, I’ve eaten popcorn that’s fallen into my bra. I mean, what? Let’s keep going.


His best friends are Dexter and Russell. They are also dinguses.


His most dingusy quality is his need to spread his dingusy limbs out as far as possible.


“You don’t mind if I just take up as much space on this bed as possible do you? Cool.”-Dinguses


“And on the couch…”


“And on the floor…”


“And on this other bed…”


You’d assume he thinks he’s a frog. But he actually identifies more as a lizard.


Honestly I can’t even begin to explain what he is doing with his body here. There is no logic. Only dingus.


He is a champion slerper, meaning, he derps in his sleep.


When you remember to close your eyes but not your mouth.



This seems like a good final derp.


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Featured image via @charliethechocolate

Katie Haller

6 years ago