Meet Charlie, A Labradingus Who Spends More Time In The Bathroom Than A Teenage Girl Getting Ready For Prom

Oh Labs, they're America's classic breed of dingus. This is a day in Charlie's life. Charlie wakes up at exactly the same time every morning, startled for no reason. dinguscharlie4 He then heads down to the kitchen for breakfast to fuel his busy day of dingus activities. dinguscharlie9 Then he heads over to the couch and is faced with the one decision that plagues every dingus's life: HOW DO I SIT? dinguscharliecouch He contemplates a couple of options, none of which look comfortable, all of which are classic dinguspositions. dinguscharliepuppy Fun fact about Charlie, his hooman Katie told us: Charlie also refuses to sit on the middle cushion of the couch. But he WILL sit behind it. Don't ask him to explain. Dinguses do not have reasons. dinguscharlie17 Another fun fact about Charlie:
"Charlie likes to sleep on his back. He also does this awkward breathing thing where he sighs really hard in his sleep and his jowls flap. (His humans laugh at him for that.)"
dinguscharlie11 Did I mention he fits into your glove compartment? dinguscharlie18 Then he wakes up and ponders where else to awkwardly sit. dinguscharlie10 And then this happens... dinguscharliewindow4 So just as a recap, this is his day so far. dinguscharliecollage Then he takes his slerping (sleep-derping), to the bed. dinguscharlie14 Ah, the classic, upsiderp slerp. dinguscharlie5 Then he decides to socialize, but as a dingus often does, he tends to come on a little too strong.
"Charlie likes to try (keyword: try) to make friends with robins and bunnies, but then gets excited and jumps up on his back legs and squeals and they get scared and fly or run away from him."
"GUYS!!! GUYS! GUYS?? Guys...did I come on too strong again?" dinguscharlie20 But let's get to the real reason we're talking about Charlie. Because he is our first bathroom dingus. Literally, out of all the rooms in the house, this is where he is at his most comfortable. dinguscharlietub2 J/k, this is just a picture of me going through my last breakup. Moving on. Lolz. dinguscharlietub Sometimes he'll switch it up and hit up the sink for a bit just to see what's poppin over there. dinguscharlietub4 But then it's back to Club Tub. dinguscharlie7 When you go too hard at the Tub Club... dinguscharlietub6 Is your dog a derpy weirdo? Submit here and they could be featured as the next Dingus Of The Week!
Featured image via @charlie_the_lab527

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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