Meet Dingus Maximus, The Husky Who Is Afraid Of Feathers

Welcome to Dingus of the Week, our quest to introduce the world to the glory of these awkward dogs, one dingus at a time. Submit your dingus! Hold on to your butts, dinguses. We have an epic dingus this week with an epic name. Maximus, the Kingus Of Dingus. This is Maximus. HAIIII. maximus4 My favorite fact about this dingus is that he is a giant husky...who is afraid of feathers. maximusscared This is his brother Titan. Titan is not amused. titan2 "I guess it's another day of dealing with this dingus's shenanigans."-Titan maxtitan3 "DUDE. JUST BE COOL."-Titan "WHAT IS COOL I AM DINGUS."-Maximus maxtitan2 "LIKE DIS?"-Maximus "No. Please remove your butthole from my face. Thanks." maxtitan4 When you get invited to a party at the cool kid's house but mom stays you have to bring your dingus brother. maxtitan Whatever though, I'd rather stay home and hang with the dinguses anyway. maximusbdaydingus Maximus Dingus's most defining trait is his inability to keep his tongue in his mouth. maximus3 Like ever. maximus5 Whether he's smiling... maximus9 Or sleeping... maximus8 OR BEING CARRIED IN THE AIR LIKE THE ROYAL DINGUS THAT HE IS. (Side note: #FITNESSGOALS) maximusfitnessgoals ALSO, HE SLEEPS IN A TENT. YES, A DINGUS TENT. CAN YOU EVEN BECAUSE I CAN'T. maximustent Maximus's dingus is so strong, no fence can contain it. maximus7 I AM DINGUS LET ME OUT. maximus6 That's it for this week. If you need him, he'll be right here...being a dingus. maximus1 Got some derp for us? Submit your dingus here

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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