Stray Dog Wanders onto a Baseball Field and His Life Changes

In an earlier article, we highlighted the pups who were ready for the start of baseball.  In honor of opening day, today we focus on one dog and one Major League team.  This is the story of Hank. A few weeks ago, the Milwaukee Brewers were down in Arizona for Spring Training, prepping for the arduous season ahead.  The last thing on the team's mind was finding a new mascot.
Enter Hank.
AP BREWERS HANK BASEBALL S A USA AZ Hank was a stray wandering around the Brewers Spring Training facilities when he was found by third base coach Ed Sedar.  Hank had tire marks on his fur and was quite disheveled.  Staff and players took turns looking after and caring for the loving and energetic pup.  What happened next is something fit for a Hollywood movie. AP BREWERS HANK BASEBALL S A USA AZ The team immediately fell in love with the tiny pup.  Hank, appropriately named after the great Hank Aaron, began joining the team on the field for practice. AP BREWERS HANK BASEBALL S A USA AZ AP BREWERS SPRING BASEBALL S BBN USA AZ Soon the media and public found out about this amazing dog's journey, and stardom ensued. b99219834z.1_20140306202546_000_gr955i42.1-1 Puppy1_dtns0mzv_nuhgo6uq Hank became so famous that he was signed by the Milwaukee Brewers!  His jersey aptly numbered "K9." The team created Hank t-shirts to sell to the fans.  They instantly became a top seller and might even become the all-time best-seller for the Brewers!  According to JSOnline, "The Brewers have partnered with the Humane Society, which will receive 20% of retail sales of Hank T-shirts and other Hank-related gear." hank17 09 ofx  nws wood Hank is now at his forever home in Milwaukee.  The fans can't wait to see Hank on opening day!  From the streets of Arizona to the penthouse in Milwaukee, Hank has truly been a Cinderella story worthy of the silver screen. Check out the fan response on Hank's first public appearance.  Hank took photos and signed paw-tographs.  Needless to say, these Brewers fans love Hank! AP BREWERS SPRING BASEBALL S BBN USA AZ AP BREWERS HANK BASEBALL S A USA AZ  

Photos via USA Today

Hope Bobbitt

8 years ago

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