Meet Kanga, the Blind Pup Who Got The Happiest of Endings

Kanga and his brother were abandoned on a field when they were discovered by a shelter. The staff soon realized that Kanga was blind and had a congenital defect with his front paws, much to their dismay, as disabled dogs are not usually desirable candidates for adoption.

Despite his shortcomings, the staff were amazed by Kanga’s bubbly personality and zest for snuggles – he didn’t give a flying biscuit he was blind! Kanga was adopted by a nice man named John and got a new sister named Gracie, who acts as his very own guide dog. Check out Kanga’s story below:

It just goes to show that disabled dogs are just as loving and deserving of a forever home as any other dog. Please remember that when you’re looking to adopt!


8 years ago