This Real Life Pig And Pug Duo Stars In Their Very Own Children’s Book

Drop everything you’re doing, because you’re about to witness the cutest — and chubbiest — squad to ever be turned into a fairytale. Meet the Pigs and Pugs: an unlikely gaggle of four-legged friends with a tail to tell– quite literally.

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Pig and Pug, the autobiographical children’s book based on the family, tells the tale of farmhouse frenemies who learn to get along. And while the pups that love their porky brother aren’t all Pugs (nobody’s perfect, okay?), they’re still family, and enjoy snuggling up with their mom for storytime pretty much wherever they are.

The book, which currently retails on Amazon for under $20, is written by Lynne Berry and adorably illustrated by Gemma Correll. In the story, Pig and Pug are tiny, portable pets — one lives in a pocket, the other in a purse.

The two initially butt heads (teehee), the story describes Pug as “rather pugnacious” and Pig to be “a bit pigheaded.” When the unlikely friends meet, school-pet drama ensues, including mud wrestling, chasing, and quarreling. But eventually, Pig and Pug manage to settle their differences and become friends.

But perhaps even cuter than the book is the real life friendship that inspired it, documented on the Pig and Pug Facebook page for all to squeal over. The bro-furs, at first glance, even appear to come from the same litter with their black and white spots!

Was that intentional? Perhaps we’ll never know. But what we do know is that we can’t get enough Pig and Pug, or their delightful children’s book that’s sure to delight pet lovers everywhere.

Featured Image via Simon & Schuster

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago