Human Brings Out Magical, Doofy Qualities Of Dogs In Her Spellbinding Photo Series

There is a lot of amazing dog photography out there but the work of renowned puptographer, Kaylee Greer really stands out as some of the best in the world. In her recent spotlight for 500px she states that she’s been “head over heels, ‘heart-explodes-into-butterflies’ crazy over dogs” ever since she was a very little girl. She tells 500px:

“At any age, at any point in my life, if I would see a dog walking by me on the street, I would (and still do) melt down into a puddle of impossible happiness and adoration.”

This is basically the effect her dog photography will have on anyone who is a devoted pup ruver. Prepare to have your heart melted!

Dog Photography

“I aim to capture those tiny moments—the ones in which dogs exist so well and through which they express their joy so effortlessly,” she explained. “My images are a reflection of exactly how I feel about dogs when I look at them—the vibrance, the color, the pure, unadulterated whimsy.” Kaylee tells 500px.

Dog Photography

Kaylee’s brand “Dog Breathe Photography” began in 2007, when she snapped a photo of her dog Toby, a Pit Bull rescue that changed her life furever.

“I remember that snapshot of my boy like it was yesterday. That’s what started it all,” Kaylee tells 500px. “The very moment that I snapped his perfect smile into my shutter—I just knew there was something there. There was some kind of magic that I needed to chase.”

She claims that Toby was the “breath” behind Dog Breath Photography. Since then her dog photography business has been wildly successful and at the moment she’s booked solid through 2017 with private clients, commercial shoots and teaching workshops.

Dog Photography

Kaylee states that her absolute favorite and most rewarding work is helping to save rescue dogs all over the world. She is endlessly passionate about abandoned and forgotten animals and helps tell their stories through her lens in hopes to change their lives for the better.

She’s gone on rescue missions around the world working with homeless and abandoned animals in Costa Rica (that’s where the shot of the three Pomeranians in her 500px gallery came from), in Australia, in St. Croix (the most recent underwater dog photo is from that rescue mission trip) and will be traveling this Spring to Spain to help the homeless dogs.

Dog Photography

Kaylee states that working with dogs has proven to be both the single most rewarding and most challenging thing she’s ever done.  She says she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dog Photography

To enjoy more of Kaylee’s pawmazing dog photography, be sure to give her a follow on 500px.

You can also find her on her websiteblog, and Facebook.

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Claire Wolfson

6 years ago