Miley Cyrus Adopts A Rescue Dog – Meet Milky The Pit Bull Puppy

Outspoken animal lover and PETA’s 2015 Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity has a new addition to her pack. Milky the Pit Bull puppy is outgoing and photogenic just like his mom, judging by Miley’s social media snaps.

Miley Cyrus Pit Bull Pyppy Named Milky

Ms. Cyrus is already proud momma to two dogs, a cat and a painfully adorable little pig named Bubba Sue. Sadly, Miley lost her dog Floyd last year and memorialized him in song.

We are so glad she is ready to share her love with a deserving shelter pooch. Milky, you are a lucky little fella, and we can’t wait to watch you grow up via the interwebs! We’ll leave you with a picture of Milky’s older, wiser Pit Bull sister, Mary Jane:

Milky the Pit Bull and Mary Jane Miley Cyrus Dogs

Featured Image via Miley Cyrus

Dina Fantegrossi

6 years ago

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