UPDATE: Military Dog Can’t Stop Giving Kisses During Reunion With Handler

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

December 12, 2015

**Update: March 28, 2016**

It’s been more than three months since Specialist Andrew Brown has seen his four-legged partner, Rocky. After sustaining some serious injuries, the two are doing much better and are finally together again. On the big moment, Spc. Brown says, “Just excitement—it’s the only way I can describe it.”


Rocky flew home from Germany last Thursday, March 24, and reunited with his family the following Friday.

Both heroes are doing well. Brown is not sure when he will be returning to active duty, and if Rocky does not retire, his handler knows the dog will return to work and “do great things.” After all, Rocky’s incredible drive and determination makes it hard for him to slow down. “He does everything,” says Brown. “I’m really just a guy with a leash.”

rocky and brown

Something tells us Rocky would have a lot more to say about that!


Brown tells WTOP:

I’ve known him longer than both of my sons have been alive. I think we make a pretty good team—you know, you’ve got to have 100 percent trust in your dog.

Should Rocky call this the end of his career, Brown says he will adopt him officially. The pup is already a huge part of Brown’s life with his wife and two young boys, and there is no doubt he will be just as amazing at home as he was on the battle field.

h/t WTOP


News of serious injury in the line of duty is never something we are anxious to hear, and it’s no better to receive the same news of both a dog and his handler.

Specialist Andrew Brown and military working dog Rocky received shrapnel wounds (and Rocky a broken leg) when they were caught near an explosion in Afghanistan.

andrew brown

The two were immediately moved to Germany where they shared a hospital room (and a bed), and began treatment together. Andrew’s wife Kayla Brown posted the following on the Military Working Dogs Facebook page:

While not necessarily life threatening, their injuries are pretty significant and will take some time to heal for sure. Right now it’s not known if either of them will be deemed fit for duty again after all is said and done. So, while they are both doing okay, there’s still a long road of recovery ahead.

Andrew journeyed back to the United States on December 10th to continue to heal and receive the necessary rehabilitation. Rocky will remain in Germany for a couple more weeks of treatment for his leg before returning to the States as well.

From Specialist Andrew Brown's wife: Andrew is at Walter Reed and underwent surgery this morning. MWD Rocky is still in…

Posted by Military Working Dogs on Friday, December 11, 2015

With over 26,000 likes on Facebook, the photo of Rocky with his purple heart has gone viral, but he’s definitely not letting it go to his head.

One of our Military Working Dogs, Rocky, and his handler were injured this week during operations in Afghanistan. Rocky…

Posted by 89th Military Police Brigade on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

According to the public affairs officer for the brigade Sgt. 1st Class Michael Garrett, Brown and Rocky will be reunited once they’re both in better shape. For now, Spc. Brown is recovering close to his wife and sons, and we’re sure they’ll both receive the greatest of homecomings.

andrew and kayla brown

Kayla Brown has started a GoFundMe page to help their family get through the tough recovery period—if you would like to donate or send well wishes, please click here.

Please keep the Brown family in your thoughts; we wish Andrew and Rocky a very speedy recovery.

H/t KDH News, featured image via Military Working Dogs/Facebook + WTOP

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

December 12, 2015

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