32 MORE Minimalist Dog Breed Illustrations So Spot-On Even Your Dog Can’t Deny It

The amazingly talented Laura Palumbo has a whole NEW set of dog breed art for you to enjoy! We met the Boxer, Pug, Bull Terrier, and 27 other uniquely imagined breeds the first time around, and requests for more pups from our readers inspired the Dachshund, Great Dane, Shih Tzu, and so many more. [bp_related_article] Take a look at the new kids below! And if any of them tickle your fancy, prints are available at the artist's Etsy store. dog breeds 1dogbreeds2dogbreeds3dogbreeds4 ###### Gosh, you know, what is it about dogs that make them so darn awesome? I'm trying to figure it out. Is it their personalities? Their unique antics? Maybe it's just the way they look---it only takes a second for us to differentiate the Pug's cinnamon bun tail from the Husky's curly one. And don't get me started on those faces. I don't care if it's in person, in a movie, or doodled in the corner of a notebook---I freakin' love dogs. Evidently, it was a similar passion and eye for detail that inspired Laura Palumbo, a graphic designer from Florence, Italy, to create a series of minimalist illustrations for a whole bunch of dog breeds. She explains that it all started when her sister's dog, India, served as inspiration because of "the color of her coat." I think it's safe to say Laura is just as enamored with the individuality of these pups as we all are, and the designs speak for themselves! minimalist images 1   Uncanny, no? akita How 'bout now? pit bull One more time... bull It looks like positive feedback has encouraged Palumbo to add more breeds to her collection, including the Maltese, Bloodhound, Whippet, and Dachshund, to name a few. We look forward to seeing them, and I'd frame 'em all in a heartbeat. minimalist images 2 To purchase any of these adorable prints, visit the artist's official Etsy store.
H/t Bored Panda, Featured Image (right) via @nikelangelo/Instagram

Samantha Erb

6 years ago

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