Family “Adopts” Extremely Sick Puppy To Die At Home, But She Beat The Odds

Written by: Michella Ventres

April 11, 2016

Mary and her daughters Abby, Anna, and Alaina, are animal lovers right down to their core. The American family had been living in Turkey and volunteering at a shelter that houses an astonishing 4,000 dogs, with around 20 dogs in each kennel.

Naturally, they were shocked at the mere number of animals and the conditions they live in. The shelter, too, is overwhelmed and can not keep up with their care. But this did not stop Mary and her family from bringing 6 large bags of dog food each day.

Faith In The Beginning

Because of the lack of space, puppies often get trampled or stepped on by accident. One of Mary’s daughters spotted a tiny puppy (now named Faith) and her siblings, who were all suffering from the life-threatening distemper virus, and they vowed to bring the puppies home. Mary said:

We didn’t want them to die in their situation. […] So we took them in and we didn’t think they’d make it, and the first three did not, and Faith actually was the small one that was in the corner. She couldn’t walk, and she had distemper. And I thought we were just bringing her out to—to die, basically, just in peace. But she proved us wrong.

Three years later, Faith still shows neurological and physical signs of being plagued by distemper, but thanks to her new family she is getting all the love a dog could want. While she surely has some scars from her battle, she is living the fullest life she can, as the only surviving pup from her litter.

Faith All Grown Up

Mary and her family have decided to continue their efforts to help needy animals by making a personal mission to help Ankara’s homeless dogs. They help an amazing 50 dogs a day by providing food and, when needed, medical treatment.

h/t iHeartDogs, featured image via PAWsitive/YouTube

Written by: Michella Ventres

April 11, 2016