If Your Pup Won’t Stop Yapping, Don’t Fret: It Might Make Them Famous

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 23, 2015

Sometimes it seems like our dogs are the only ones who really understand what we’re thinking and feeling. Well, the time has come to return the favor!

Help your dog get his bark across by making a voice-over video for a contest brought to you by the joined furry forces of @BarkBox and Mishka the Talking Husky. Prepare to be swept off your paws by all the fun AND prizes to be had. #SoMuchMotherPugginFunAndPrizes


  1. Film a 1-3 minute video of your pup barking, howling, making gremlin noises (lookin’ at you, frenchies), whatever it looks like when they sing you the song of their people.
  2. Either remove the audio and record your hooman translation of what they’re barking about
  3. OR leave the original audio and add sub-titles
  4. Upload your video to YouTube and submit the YouTube video URL here: barkbox./


One grand prize winner will receive $100 in credit to spend @TheBarkShop and their video will be featured on the BarkPost as well as Mishka’s own YouTube Channel. Two Runners-up will receive $50 credit to spend @TheBarkShop.

Submissions will be accepted through 4/31 so get to barking!

Check out Mishka’s video to get your creative gravy juices flowing:

Submit your own voice-over video today!

Featured Image via Mishka The Talking Husky

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 23, 2015