Fighting Dog Lies Bleeding And Broken Until Rescuers Carry Her To Freedom

Disclaimer: if you’re sensitive, it may be hard for you to watch these videos. Skip to the second video at 9:00 minutes, to see Moma’s transformation.

It wasn’t long ago that Moma was fighting for her life. Operation Houston found this pup while making rounds to feed stray dogs.


Erika and Sandro discovered Moma when two dogs were guarding an abandoned house. The dying Pitbull was laying in a pile of torn up foam.

moma 2

Miraculously, Moma recognized them and accepted food and water. Though, the pup was very sickly and likely to die. Rescuers carried Moma to discover that she was leaking bodily fluids. They rushed to get her the help she desperately needed.

Moma is a survivor. Even though she only knew a life of dog fighting, she pulled through. She had over a hundred deep puncture wounds on her legs from several dogs.

moma 4

The pup was septic and going into shock. The prognosis didn’t look good. Moma stunned them all. Very quickly into her recovery, Moma played with toys and tried to interact with other dogs. This proves that despite horrible, traumatic circumstances, Moma still found a way to love.

This courageous and strong pup is recovering and once she is fully healed, Southside Street Dogs will make her available for a forever home adoption.

moma 5

For more information on Moma, go to Southside Street Dogs.

H/t and featured image via World Animal Awareness Society

Stephanie Valente

7 years ago