Momma Dog And Her Only Remaining Puppy Rescued From Construction Site Trash Bin

Using their signature technique of a little bit of cheeseburger and a lot of compassion and patience, Hope for Paws has successfully rescued yet another pair of dogs in peril. One of their rescuers has named the mother and puppy duo Zoe and Meadow respectively.


Hope for Paws received a call that a dog had been abandoned when her owners sold their property. She had become pregnant while fending for herself on the streets. When Hope for Paws arrived, they found that all but one of Zoe’s pups had been stolen by local children.


The momma dog had sought shelter for herself and her puppy in an overturned garbage bin lined with filthy beer boxes in the midst of an active construction site. Zoe was understandably timid and protective of her baby at first, but slowly the rescuers earned her trust. You can see the relief in her eyes as she watches Meadow eating cheeseburger and being stroked gently by the volunteers.


Both momma and pup have been cleaned up, examined and given the comfort and shelter they deserve at a Hope for Paws rescue facility. They are ready to find their forever homes, whether together or separately. To adopt Zoe or Meadow (or both!) visit

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To see so many more heartwarming and inspirational rescue videos from this amazing organization, visit their YouTube channel. You can help support their mission and fund the rescue of deserving dogs with a donation on Hope for Paws’ secure website.

Featured Image via Eldad Hagar/Flickr

Dina Fantegrossi

6 years ago