15 Things Good Dog Mommies Teach Their Puppies

When it comes to dogs, it's like your baby never grows up. All over the world, dog moms patiently teach their pups safety and manners. Protecting with love is truly what being a mom is all about. These mommies have it down pat.

1. Look both ways before crossing the street. crossing-street 2. Good things come to those who wait. [embed][/embed] @codenamefluff/Instagram 3. Always lend a helping hand. help 5. Never leave a high five hanging. high5 6. Always wipe your paws. tumblr_o6i8spzbUU1upbbv8o1_250 7. Always be yourself. roll 8. Compliment others and let them know they are loved. [embed][/embed] @donguri5052/Instagram 9. While on public transit, take a seat to stay safe, but be sure to give up your seat if someone needs it more than you. seat 10. Make friends everywhere you go. Even if at first you appear to be very different. turtle-friend 11. Make sure you buckle up for every ride. bucklein 12. Keep clean and well groomed. [embed][/embed] @samoyed_skye/Instagram 13. Greet everyone with a smile. pug-smile 14. Don't be afraid to cuddle. kissbestfriend 15. Always be ready to adventure with your best friend. best-friend

Featured image via @gerda_samoyed/Instagram

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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