11 Dog Moms Who Totally Need A Mutherpuppin’ Break This Mother’s Day

Note: Please make sure to always be a responsible dog owner and make sure you're aware of the consequences of what it means to bring puppies into the world. If you're looking for a furever pup of your own you can adopt one using BarkBuddy, our app that helps us find fluffy singles near you! :) Being a mom is a ruff job. In honor of mothers everywhere, here are some dog moms who deserve a motherpuppin' break. Moms out there — we think you've earned one too. Treat yo' self. 1. "Can't we just play in the yard and leave these bozos behind?" dog with puppies 2. "Where do puppies come from again? And can we make them go back to there?" boston-terrier-puppies 3. "I just need a nap right now." dog-in-pool 4. "I woke up like this... (tired)." pups 5. "What I wouldn't give for some me time and a pawdicure..." goldenpups 6. "I swear I love them..." boxer-pups 7. "...but they Never. Stop. Feeding..." boxer-pups2 8. "SERIOUSLY ALL THEY DO IS EAT." boxerpups 9. "I just wish someone had warned me how utterly exhausting this would be..." prince_and_dante 10. "Hooman, I don't ask for much. HALP!" puppy-staffy 11. "Like Kimmy said, I can handle anything for 10 seconds. Then, just start a new 10 suck-ends..." adventures_with_adirondack2 Happy Mother's Day!
Featured Image via @adventures_with_adirondack

Stephanie Figy

7 years ago

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