16 More Dogs Who Turned Their Human’s Belly Into A Giant Pillow

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 23, 2015

Good sleep makes all the difference in the world for a productive day. And these pups have figured out exactly how to have the most comfurtable rest ever utilizing the tools available to them: their parents! And what’s squishier and more pillow-esque than a tummy? The fewer sit ups, the better.

1. “He’s my pillow; I’m his blanket.”

2. “I love just lying here with you.”

3. “My dad’s heartbeat makes me feel calm and safe.”

4. #Squish!

5. “He hasn’t even noticed I’m here yet.”


6. “I got the best spot!” #VictoryIsMine

Sleeping dog

7. “She’s my mom—she won’t mind the #FritoFeet.”

8. “I could gaze into your eyes all day.” #AlsoYourTummyIsAwesome


9. “I’m a little worried I’m squashing you. But not worried enough to move.”

10. “Your belly makes me SO happy!”

11. Even Chewbacca needs a rest sometimes.

12. “Feel free to utilize my tummy as well.” #UpForGrabs

13. “I don’t know why you look amused. We do this every day.”

14. “Hi Mom!”

15. “I’m glad you seem to have admitted defeat.” #TackleWin

16. #TummyYinYang

Featured image via Pulptastic

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 23, 2015