Dog And Human Motorcycle Cross-Country To Raise Money For Military Orphans

Adam Sandoval and his pup Scooter are taking an 18 month whirlwind road trip across 48 states. Sounds super fun and adventurous, right? It is, but it’s also a selfless act of kindness.

Scooter and his human plan to hit all 696 Harley Davidson dealerships in the continental U.S. to raise money for children who have lost their parents in active duty. Each dealership is holding in-house fundraisers to support Adam’s goal, which is now on track to raise over $250,000. They dynamic duo has already donated $50,000 to the American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund, after only 6 months on the road.

scootin america 2

It’s worth noting that Adam sold all of his possessions to finance his charity driven road trip. Not to mention that this trek is breaking world records for the longest charity drive in history.

Scooter doesn’t plan on being a lone wolf. Adam set up an online GPS so that other riders can join them or hang out for a few hours when the pair makes one of their stops.


You can follow Scooter and Adam’s journey on Twitter via Adam’s account and the hashtag #scootinAmerica. For tons of pictures, check out their Facebook page.

You can support and get involved in their cause by contacting your local Harley dealership or by making a direct donation.

Featured image and h/t via Fox17.

Regina Lizik

7 years ago