Meet The Rock ‘n’ Roll Roadie Dog Touring The Country With Her Dad

This is Patti. She's an Australian Shepherd/Collie/Mystery mutt -- better known as perfection. Here she is with her dad and number one best pal, singer-songwriter Rick Brantley. rick brantley second Rick does this for a living. And he does it well. Patti's real proud, but whenever Rick goes on the road, she gets super bummed and kinda sorta refuses to get out of bed. We don't blame her. So, Patti doesn't stay home anymore. She hits the road with Rick as official tour mascot. [bp_related_article] She earns her keep by getting Rick out of bed bright and early for sound checks and long walks. And she's great at making sure he gets his exercise. He's into lifting (her). When they're both missing home, Patti makes sure Rick really feels the love. And after a long day on the road, she'll even let you eat pizza in peace. (I told you she was perfect.) It's all part of her rock 'n roll lifestyle, you know? So there you have it. The best friend/roadie/tour mascot a guy could ask for. To follow Patti's adventures on the road check out her human's Instagram page. And while you're at it, check out Rick Brantley's latest video "Hurt People." final patti pic Warning: you'll definitely want your own dog within hugging distance when all the feels hit you!
Featured image via @rickbrantley / Instagram

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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