There Is Such A Thing As A Mutt Mojito And Your Dog Needs One Now

Written by: Rachel Crocetti

September 10, 2015

Sigh. It’s been a long week. You can’t wait to go home and stir up a “TGIF” cocktail. While you’re sipping your drink, Fluffy is staring at you with those puppy dog eyes.

You want to share your cocktail with your pup, but you know that alcohol is toxic for dogs! But what if your pup had his own, special recipe?!

frozen ebook

Serena Nelson and Sarah Dickerson from Pretty Fluffy have just released an e-book titled Frozen, which brings you all kinds of beautiful doggy treats. But our personal favorite has to be this pup-friendly happy hour treat!

Mutt Mojito

Mutt Mojito


4 Cups Zucchini

2 Cups Peas (Fresh or Frozen)

A few leaves of Fresh Mint

Wash zucchini under cold running water and roughly slice into small pieces, ensuring to cut off and discard the ends. Finely chop mint leaves.

Place zucchini and peas in a steamer over boiling water. Cover and steam for 10-15 minutes of until softened.

Allow to cool, then add zucchini, peas, mint and around 1/4 cup of boiled water to blender and puree until smooth. Add in small amounts of boiled water as required to achieve your desired consistency.

Pour mixture into ice cube trays and freeze for a minimum of 4 hours or until frozen through.

When frozen, remove from ice cube trays and store in labeled Ziploc bags in freezer.

Makes approximately 20 treat cubes.

Important Note: When serving treats, your dog’s health and safety is always top priority. If your dog tends to ‘gulp’ down treats without licking or chewing them, it is safer to serve frozen treats stuffed into a Kong which will keep your dog entertained for hours!

Prep this a day ahead of time, and enjoy your mojito while your pup enjoys his! For more beautiful and tasty doggy recipes like this one, check out Frozen.

Featured Image via Super Star Pet Grooming

Written by: Rachel Crocetti

September 10, 2015