13 Reasons We’re Nuts For Mutts

Written by: Rachel Crocetti

July 31, 2015

I don’t know about you, but I am nuts for mutts. Mixed breed dogs can be some of the best pets out there. While they might not be able to compete in all the dog shows, they have so many endearing qualities that make them a great option when looking for your next pup.

Purebreds might be traditional, but mutts are having their moment! Here are a few reasons why mutts totally rock:

1. They are everywhere!

You don’t have to seek out specific breeders when looking for a great mixed breed dog. Just walk into any shelter, and there’s a good chance you’ll find your next best friend in a mutt!

2. They can still be trained as a service or therapy dog.

According to PetMd, being a service or therapy dog is no longer limited to purebreds! Mutts have just as much potential at one of these very important doggy jobs, so if you have a mixed breed that has a particularly gentle manner about him, sign him up to get certified as a therapy dog.

Therapy dog

3. They can be more flexible.

Mutts aren’t bred to have a specific job. They don’t fall into the breed categories – herding, working, hunting, etc. Mixed breeds are known to be a little bit more adaptable. They can adjust well to new settings as they aren’t bred for a specific purpose like purebreds are.

4. You can avoid the (sometimes stressful) puppy stage!

Most mutts come from overpopulated shelters. While there are always puppies at shelters, there are also a decent amount of adult dogs as well that have either come in as a stray or were given up by their last owner. Adopting an adult dog is a great decision – can you say no potty training?!

shelter dogs

5. Some claim mutts have fewer health issues.

According to PetMd, many animal experts believe that mixed breeds could have less health issues than purebreds. While it isn’t proven, some purebreds have evolved and are known to have specific health problems. For example, bulldogs are known to have respiratory problems. While mutts only have part of the genes from multiple breeds, this could counteract some of those issues.

6. They are less expensive.

While many of us dog lovers would claim that our pups are priceless, they are also a huge expense! Typically breeders charge a lot more for purebreds, whereas mutts can be adopted from a shelter for just a few hundred dollars (or a donation).

dog with money

7. You get the best traits of multiple breeds.

Want the loyalty of a Golden Retriever, and the intelligence of a German Shepherd? There’s probably a mutt sitting in a shelter somewhere that has been dipped in both of those gene pools. While every dog has their own individual personality no matter their heritage, breeds are known to have specific characteristics tied to them.


8. You’ll be helping to save a pup.

According to Global Animal, mutts make up 75 percent of shelter population. That’s a lot. Mixed breeds get stuck in shelters often when hoomans don’t spay or neuter their pups and they get knocked up by a neighborhood canine. If you’re looking for a sweet pup, head to the shelter and look at all of their mixed breeds – not only will you get a great dog, but you might be saving that dog’s life.

mixed breed

9. Adopting a mutt counteracts the puppy mill epidemic as well as bad breeding.

You know how it’s not the best idea genetically for hoomans to marry their cousin? Same goes for the four-leggeds. Bad breeding happens when someone breeds two pups from the same litter to get a purebred dog. As a result, there are a ton of risks for health issues and birth defects. This is usually one of the major problems with puppy mills, which are filled to the brim with purebred puppies living in bad conditions as a result of overbreeding. Adopting from a shelter is a small way to counteract these problems.

shelter dogs

10. They can be really pretty.

Mixing different canine genes together can make some really pretty pups! Walk through the kennels of the nearest shelter and I’m almost positive you’ll find some cool-looking dogs.

mixed breed

11. They are unique.

Some dogs can be a mix of three or more breeds! That makes for some pretty unique characteristics, both physically and in their behavior. Adopt a mutt and you’re sure to have a one-of-a-kind dog.


12. They are a fun conversation starter!

The first question fellow park-goers always ask is “What kind of dog is he/she?” When I see a cool looking dog at the dog park, I always want to find out what breeds are thought to make up that rad mutt.

13. They are a ton of fun.

It’s just that simple. Mutts rock. They have great personalities and are awesome family pets!

Sources: PetMd, Global Animal

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Written by: Rachel Crocetti

July 31, 2015

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