My 5 Favorite Products for Maintaining Sanity

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 16, 2014

Perhaps it’s because I’m slightly OCD. Maybe I’m just easily annoyed. I love my dog, but GEEZ LOUISE she can drive me batty. Whether it’s getting on the furniture or just her ability to harness the sun’s energy and then disperse it when I’m the most sleepy, my dog could be described as… Ahem… spirited. And by spirited I mean she can be a complete psycho.

Admittedly, now that she’s almost eight years old she is calming down a bit. Those first few years were insane, though. I was on the lookout for any product that would make my dog-loving life easier. Well, I found five. I still use these five products to this very day. I’d go crazy without them, in fact.

Please direct your attention to Exhibit A:

Does that little ball of energy have anything in common with your dog? The only toy that kept my pooch’s attention was this magical instrument:

1. Chuckit! Launcher ($8, Amazon)


Yes, that’s my very satisfied customer sitting there, panting her face off. These things are awesome because you can, very literally, chuck it. I nearly pulled my shoulder out of its socket every time I tried throwing the ball to Olive. I do throw like a girl – I’ll admit it. This launcher can send a tennis ball sailing up to 140 feet with minimal effort. Olive just about pees her pants whenever I pull this bad boy out of the closet.

2. The Furminator ($43, Amazon)


Do you have a dog? Does your dog have hair? If you answered “yes” to both of those questions you should probably go ahead and order a truckload of these. You won’t NEED a truckload because they last a really long time, but one can never be too safe.

If you go on their website you can see pictures of dogs laying in fields of their own fur. It’s addictive. You can just keep going and going and it becomes a little bit of a fetish to brush your dog’s hair. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

3. IRIS Dog Food Storage Container ($29, Amazon)


You may scoff at this product. And if you do then we’d most certainly not be friends. Lucky you. You see, I have this very annoying trait that requires everything in my house to have a particular place. I would not deal with a crumbled dog bag sitting out haphazardly. That’s just ludicrous! Not only does an air-tight container prevent my brain from malfunctioning, it keeps Olive’s food fresh and prevents ants or any other little house bugs from getting into it. Although, I’m sure that would be a “con” on Olive’s list.

4. Aluminum Foil


What? I know that’s what you’re thinking. Olive is very aware of the rules when we’re home: No sleeping on the furniture. But guess what? She’s a dog. And a smart dog. As soon as we leave the house or go to bed she turns our sofa into her king size bed. You guys, there’s drool all over my couch. If you ever come over, just remember I warned you.

I know this won’t work for all dogs, but for whatever reason my dog won’t go near this stuff. I can put a layer of aluminum foil over the surface of the couch and she’ll practically stay out of the family room. I don’t know if it’s the sound it makes when it crumples or the way it feels when she jumped on it once or twice. Whatever it may be, this aluminum foil is the worlds best dog repellent.

5. Bags On Board Poop Bag Dispenser ($6, Amazon)


There’s a good chance most of you already have one of these, but in the off-chance you don’t: GO! GO FORTH MY CHILDREN. You will never know how you lived without it. I just attach it to Olive’s leash and there’s always a poop bag on hand. Or 12. Does your dog poop like 5 times on a walk? What is up with that? Do you ever wonder what you spent your time worrying about before you got a dog?

In conclusion, (I don’t know why I just turned this into a high school essay) dogs are a pain in the ass. But they are so very cute and lovable which is why we keep them around. If I taught you about one, new life-altering product today than I will consider this post a success. Do you guys have any other great suggestions? I’m always looking for more ways to make my dog-parenting life easier. Let me know in the comments!

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 16, 2014

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