A Very Necessary Roundup Of This Year’s Hottest Dudes With Dogs…So Far

Written by: Katie Kirnan

January 13, 2016

Just because it’s cold as balls outside, doesn’t mean things can’t get REAL HOT REAL QUICK. And we at BarkPost have never shied away from giving the people what they want. In that spirit, and courtesy of the fantastic Instagram account @hotdudeswithdogs, we present to you the hottest dudes with dogs of 2016…so far. (Aren’t you impressed that we made it all the way until mid-January?)

1. Beach bums/weird I wasn’t invited.

dog and guy on beach

2. I like dogs (and guys) that read Abercrombie & Fitch.

dog abercrombie fitch

3. Two shirtless hunks. One of them is fully naked (psst, it’s the same one that didn’t shave his chest).

shirtless and pup

4. Hello, Internet, may I introduce my husband and our perfect child?

dog and guy in bed

5. What’s cooler than this guy’s eight pack? That dog in his backpack. THAT’S NINE PACKS.

eight pack

6. I wish I were this man, holding those bulldogs in my strong man arms.

guy w 2 dogs

7. Again, I wish I were this man.

dog licking guy

8. Ah, the American Dream: To come home after a long day of work to a man in a suit and the dog you both love. Even if they’re only waiting on the front steps because they’re locked out of our mansion AGAIN.

dog guy front steps

9. Well of course they both need sunglasses. How else can they handle the blinding heat of each other’s hotness?

dog guy sunglasses

10. While I do NOT appreciate the reminder that Christmas is over, I do appreciate everything else about this picture.

dog guy xmas

As well as everything about this Instagram account, which you can drool (even more) over here.

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Featured image via @hotdudeswithdogs

Written by: Katie Kirnan

January 13, 2016