Bull Terrier Secretly Runs A Multi-Million Dollar Fashion Company, Gets All The Perks

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

September 27, 2015

So this guy Marc Jacobs, whoever that is, has this totally fashion-forward dog named Neville. Neville is a Bull Terrier. He also runs his dad’s company, even though it seems like it might be the other way around. Don’t look so surprised—I mean, this dog is the epitome of upscale fash-un.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 8

Just like any other morning, Neville arrives at the building with the help of his chauffeur and just a few stolen treats from a hidden backseat compartment. He demanded tinted windows so he won’t be recognized on the streets—you’d be surprised what fans will do to get a sloppy kiss from a successful four-legged business owner.


neville car

And of course, the day cannot start without first making your presence known, since it’s sort of hard to stay unseen when you’re a dog. A few quick hellos and a short disruption of the morning meeting and Neville is ready to get to work.


After possibly a few toe-licks (he won’t admit it, though), Neville heads into the studio with stylist Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele to make sure he has something to post to his Instagram and Twitter, and has a few extra shots to throw up on Snapchat and send out to his family in a group email. (Did I say we were getting to work soon?)

neville photo shoot

Gosh darnit, Charlie just walked in the door. Now, Charlie the Frenchie is a good friend, but he insists on completing his workout routines in-office. Charlie also owes Neville money, so it’s the perfect opportunity to squeeze a reminder into casual conversation; the only logical way to do this being to act as resident hurdle for the Bulldog’s ski-jumps. Plus, we heard a rumor there were treats involved.

2015-09-21 15_10_35

And even though sitting on the floor while your buddy works up a sweat seems effortless, Neville is still a dog, and dogs need, like, five power naps a day. The first begins… now.

neville nap

We all know running a company is hard, and lots of people depend on you to do a good job, but being a dog is hard, too. The boss always needs to set aside time to watch for squirrels even if there are only three trees on his block.

neville fresh air

But you can’t step foot outside without bumping into eager fans. “Okay,” he thinks. “Just one selfie.”

neville selfie

Then back to work. Fur reals this time. Oh but wait, he conveniently forgot about that playdate with the boys. Oh well. Walkies now, work later.

ny dog walk

See Neville in all his gloriousness below:

H/t & Featured Image via The New York Times

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

September 27, 2015

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