New K9 Body Armor Ensures Military Dogs Have The Same Protection As Military Humans

Written by: Jonathan Graziano

December 9, 2015

In light of the tragic death of Diesel, the heroic military dog who died in the recent terrorist raid in the Saint-Denis region of France…


…a Russian defense company called Scientific Production Association of Special Materials has produced specialized body armor for protecting K-9 dogs and military working dogs. The new gear, called “Nord Body armour”, is a tediously crafted vest designed to prevent fatal injury for bomb-sniffing dogs.

military pooch

Although supplying dogs in the force with protective gear isn’t a new concept, the development of specialized and fortified armor has only just begun to come into the spotlight. Protective vests and other sorts of protective gear created by this company and others like it, including protective head and leg armour, can range from anywhere between $1,000 to $30,000 dollars.


The cost of production for this gear is a major factor as to why the advancements in K-9 protection technology has been lagging, but the utility of having dogs in the service is indispensable with their heightened senses of sight, hearing, and instincts.

Non-profit organizations and private companies have been raising funds to help perpetuate and support the production of armor like the Nord Body armour, as tax-payer dollars tend to be allocated towards more human-centric costs. Perhaps now in the wake of the loss of a brilliant K-9 in France, the production of this armor will only continue to garner funding and flourish. Progress takes time, but our pooches are invaluable.

Watch this wagnificent armor in action in the video below:

Feature image via Youtube

H/T via Daily Mail

Written by: Jonathan Graziano

December 9, 2015