New Yale Report Finds Cute Agression is Real

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Cuteness Inspires Aggression

Everything below comes from a real study. Seriously.

“New research by two Yale University psychologists details how the sight of something cute brings out our aggressive side.”


Study participants were given bubble wrap and told to pop as many bubbles as they wanted. The psychologists then proceeded to show the participants a series of cute, funny, and normal animal pic. “People watching the cute slide show popped significantly more bubbles than those viewing the funny or control pictures.”

“Some things are so cute that we just can’t stand it.” –Rebecca Dyer, Yale psychologist


“The response could be protective, or it could be the brain’s way of tamping down or venting extreme feelings of giddiness and happiness.”

image (1)

“The scientists are currently conducting additional studies to determine what drives the need to squeeze.”

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Editor’s Note: This explains a lot about ourselves.


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Dr. Katy Nelson

8 years ago