10 Times Newfies Proved They Are The True Kings of Dogshaming

Reviewed by Brandon Rhoads

January 22, 2015

Love Dogshaming? Get the Dogshaming book or the 2015 Dogshaming calendar! 2015 will be a shamefully long year.

The Newfoundland is a gorgeous breed with a pleasant personality to go with its good looks. But are they without shame? Ha! We have yet to meet a breed that can’t be shamed.

Here are 10 Newfies that prove no dog is shameless.

1. “I have never seen that cake before in my life.”

Image via DogShaming

2. “Because Leroy’s a cat.”

Image via MyBrownNewfies

3. “I’m sorry, were you playing with this ball?”

Image via DogShaming

4. “Since I was already on the ‘naughty’ list…Well, at least it tasted nice.” #WorthIt

Image via Dog Shame Awards

5. In a world full of delicious dog poo, one pup dares to defy expectation.

Image via DogShaming

6. “Some people find my saliva endearing…”

Image via Buzznet

7. “Actually, I DOG all the space in the kitchen.”

Image via DogShaming

8. “He started it!”

Image via DogShaming

9. “The half of me that did it was the Newfie half.”

Image via DogShaming

10. “What’s she need a blanket for when she’s got me?”

Image via MyBrownNewfies

Featured Image via MyBrownNewfies


Reviewed by Brandon Rhoads

January 22, 2015