Pup Parent DIYs A Prosthetic Paw For His Dog By Destroying An Expensive Pair Of Nikes

Sunny the 10-year-old Golden Retriever had his left paw amputated due to a tumor. His human, Don Chernoff, got him a standard prosthetic paw, but the pup kept chewing on it! So Don decided to do something about it. He took his old Nike Zoom Vapor 9 tennis shoes and made a prosthetic paw, or a "faux paw," out of it for Sunny. This particular style of shoe is the favorite of famous tennis player Roger Federer and can cost upwards of $140. [bp_related_article] Don says:
It works much better and now Sunny is a Nike dog! Roger Federer would be proud.
Now Sunny gets around just fine! And it's all thanks to a little human imagination. "Just Dog It," Sunny!
Featured image via Don Chernoff/YouTube.

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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