Criminal Dog Duo Pull Off The Perfect Sandwich Heist Behind Unsuspecting Kids’ Backs

The art of stealing food has evolved to a level of expertise for a select few dogs. This mastery is rarely found, but the select few that have this knack are capable of pulling off some pretty incredible heists. In the above video, we see a rare example of a ninja-dog right in its element. With its owners' backs turned, it expertly navigates its way onto the table and escapes with its prized booty. Unfortunately though, this heist can not be considered a total success, as the young owners spot the culprit in the act. The best ninja-dogs never get caught though. Master Splinter would be severely disappointed if this pup was his pupil. [bp_related_article]

h/t DailyPicksAndFlicks


Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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