Boys Refuse To Open Presents Without The Whole Family After Puppy Disappears

Puppy lovers Blake and Bryson Reiter have established an official boycott on Christmas until their 3-month-old Frenchie Jackson is found. The family believes someone snatched the pup from their front yard on Christmas Eve. jackson sleeping The boys were playing with Jackson and their other dog Peaches when they ran inside and returned to find their dog had disappeared. "It made Christmas hard to swallow," the boys' dad, William Reiter, told CBS Los Angeles. But he's more than impressed with his sons' behavior. He said:
[It] shows that they’re thinking beyond themselves and it’s not just a selfish time, Christmas, but it’s supposed to be a together time.
[bp_related_article] The family is offering a $2,000 reward for Jackson's safe return, but until then, these boys know they haven't just lost their dog, but a beloved member of the family. They've even written a letter to Santa asking for their best friend to come home. As he tried to hold back tears, Bryson said:
We need Jackson home because he’s our family member, and we need all of our family members to open our presents.
no xmas For now, Jackson's Christmas sweaters lie by the tree strewn with still-wrapped gifts, and a lost dog poster rests among the branches. The Riverside Police Department currently has no updates for the family. jackson We will update as needed.
H/t Facebook/NowThis, Featured Image via CBS Los Angeles

Samantha Erb

6 years ago

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