No-Kill Shelter Buried In Snow During Snowstorm Jonas Gets Amazing Assistance

During last weekend's historic snowstorm, a Baltimore-area no-kill animal shelter buried in the white stuff put out a desperate call for help. That call was answered. Big time. Baltimore Humane Society Adoptable Shorty Baltimore Humane Society spokesperson Wendy Goldband tells BarkPost that on top of donating much-needed money, "lots of local people came in to volunteer their manpower. We are still working on clearing passageways, but very much in control and operational." Seven Baltimore Humane Society staff members spent three full nights at the shelter, sleeping on floors and cots, shoveling pathways, and taking care of the animals. volunteers cleaning play yards The vodka company Tito's -- known for its dog-related charity work -- even gave the shelter a brand new snowplow to replace BHS's only snowblower, which had broken at the most inconvenient time. "Fantastic help!" says Goldband. volunteers bobcat What the shelter still needs: A backup generator and a tree-cutting service to take care of some compromised trees in the memorial park -- the only pet cemetery in the area. Goldband says that due to storm damage, the pet cemetery will be unsafe for visitors until the trees are removed. Meantime, the dogs don't seem to realize anything dire is happening. Governor here spent snowstorm Jonas watching TV. Lazy bones. He's up for adoption, by the way. Governor watching tv Here's where you can donate to the Baltimore Humane Society. And email [email protected] if you have a dog story to share.

Featured image via Baltimore Humane Society

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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