Rescuer’s Latest Pit Bull Foster Puppy Is So Lazy You’ll Want To Adopt One Yourself

Written by: Jonathan Graziano

January 8, 2016

Foster and adoption advocate Noelani G. is well known for her love of Pibbles, but her most recent foster has us begging for more. Kylo the Pibble puppy – named after the bad guy from Star Wars: The Force Awakens – has more cute in him than we’ve seen in many a dog (and we look at dogs for a living).


Is it his insatiable curiosity about the world around him? Is it his desire to play and be loved? Is it his big, round belly and his lazy-as-hell demeanor? Whatever it is, Kylo the foster Pibble is stealing our hearts – and our likes – with his unbearable cuteness.

Take, for example, this video of him attempting to jump off the couch:

Or this video of him lounging like a champion:

How about this video of him playing with foster sister Angel:

Don’t even get us started on Kylo attempting to play leap frog with his tail-wagging foster siblings:

Did we forget to mention Kylo knows how to lounge like a champ? Just look at this lazy son of a ***** go.

Lastly, we will end with this video of Kylo simply being squishy and cute:

For more information about Kylo or his foster mom, Noelani, visit her Instagram Page and website. If you’re interested in helping dogs like Kylo, consider donating to Fresno Bully Rescue and/or adopt your own Pibble today! Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Featured image via Noelani G.

Written by: Jonathan Graziano

January 8, 2016