17 Dogs Who Don’t Realize They Have SUCH Non-Problems

Hey, sometimes, you CAN have too many toys. 1. "Would it be weird to wear a Rolex on both wrists?" renecharlesnyc 2. "Too many toys... can't decide which to play with." ifitwags 3. "Rainy days make for such miserable walks." mollytheschnottie 4. "Silly hoomans buying the wrong outfits all the time. My favorite color is teal, okay?" ohmydoggies 5. "You said we were going to the park. This is not the park." lacorgi 6. "This stick is so big I can't bring it in the house." satsuma2410 7. "My human leaves me out of his fun 8 hour car ride... every. single. day." wolfiethefoxdog 8. "We're out of bacon flavored treats. All I'm left with is beef, duck, lamb, and salmon." henryandpenny 9. "I lose all of my balls under this soft squishy couch." thefugee 10. "The bones you buy are too big for my mouth." kris_sakunts 11. "How long do I have to give the puppy dog eyes before I get that treat? I'm a busy pup. I've got things to do." lolabarksdale 12. "I like being warm and dry but not if I have to wear something." nuggettthepembroke 13. "Just want to take a walk, but I have to stop so people can come tell me how cute I am every few feet." oakley_aussie   14. "I love pool parties, but I don't want to get my fur wet." bmares_ 15. "I have to pee, but it's raining outside." runwaypooch     16. "Actually, I wanted an aisle seat." colbythecavapoo 17. "Now that I'm always looking for my monthly Barkbox, I have developed a love-hate relationship with the mailman. To bark or not to bark?" deanthebasset Featured image via @richdogsofig

Emily Wang

7 years ago

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