Here’s What Happened When We Let A Dog Make All Of Our College Basketball Picks

Written by: Will Storie

March 21, 2016

March Madness has finished its first week. Hopefully you had fun watching the games and following the tournament! If only things were as rosy for us. We had a dog fill out a bracket for BarkPost, and the results were… not great.

pug madness after w1

Holy cow, look at all that red! Noodle’s head tilt got half the games wrong this weekend, and several teams he picked to go deep in the tournament have already lost. Frankly, it makes me feel like a fool for trusting that lousy dog to pick a bracket to begin with. I mean, yikes. DO NOT TRUST YOUR MONEY TO A DOG.


Here’s Noodle’s bracket, in full:


south 1


west 1


east 1


midwest 1

Final Four: Villanova, Oregon, Notre Dame, Michigan State (whoops). Championship: Oregon over Michigan State.

Here’s the thing, though: Here’s Noodle’s bracket on

ncaa brackets

He ranks 1,221,704th out of about 1,454,410 brackets. So Noodle is doing better than 230,000 people. And check out ESPN:

espn brackets

Yes, Noodle is doing worse than 93% of people. Yes, he is ranked 12,156,468th. BUT… with a group that big, this still means that Noodle, a pug picking teams at random, is doing better than 915,000 people!

Put ’em together, and somewhere in this world there are one million people doing a worse job picking this tournament than Noodle. Are you part of the Noodle Million Of Shame? Let us know! And better luck next year.

Written by: Will Storie

March 21, 2016