15 Nuggets Of Wisdom Our Dogs Continue To Impart On Us

It's no mystery that our dogs help us understand what happiness is, and what it means to live in the moment. They never try to hide these things, and we don't always take their advice as literally as we should. Dogs have a certain kind of wisdom--a kind that I believe they don't need to learn, they're just born with it. Take note of these 15 tips our very best friends have been trying to show us all along. 1) Start every day with a toothy smile. happy-dog-maru-shiba-inu-4 2) Face your fears, no matter how scary the situation. military-dog 3) Be active--get up, go out, and get your heart beating! happy-dog-running-by-500px 4) Nurture friendships, and don't let the ones you love slip through the cracks. Dog Wallpaper 052 5) Try new things, even if you know you'll get a little dirty. paintingpaws 6) Appreciate the small stuff. Sometimes, they're the most important. harlow-sage-and-indiana-big-dog-small-dog-cute-instagram-12 7) Be open with your feelings. Bottled emotions won't do anyone any good. dog-cat-sleep-cuddle-1920x1080 8) Follow your dreams, especially the big ones! 11821228_1450553588586727_579583429_n 9) Be curious--there's always new information to be found, and new friends to make! 11421969_1638333369787296_1676731170_n 10) See everyone for the person--or animal--they are on the inside. childdog_autism 11) Be carefree, if only for a moment. It's the best feeling in the world. dog-running-on-beach-1367141040_b 12) Live every day to the fullest... calories, shmalories. 54f94b2635922_-_jude-puppy-cake-1-del0214 13) Give with an open heart, there are people who really crave your love and attention. IMG_0110-Edit-2 14) Dream BIG. Nothing is unrealistic. 9c6d4d46ecd363e211d9bfed68377b9d 15) Love yourself before you love anyone else. After all, you're the most important person you know. 11008319_453147748167097_1041219154_n
Featured Image via @paulie_and_nixon

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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