NYC Shelter Puts Its Dogs on Tinder, Interwebz Ruv Ensues

All men are dogs, amirite? (Sorry.)

But the dogs have gone to Tinder. And no, it wasn’t this guy. But in all seriousness, it can be difficult for shelters to get their dogs seen by peeps who might want a pup but haven’t considered rescues in their area.

So Social Tees, an animal shelter in the East Village in NYC, partnered up with interns at BBH creative agency to take the fate of their pups into their own paws. They posted profiles of 10 of their dogs on Tinder, masquerading as singles in the area.

And it has worked: According to TechCrunch, Social Tees had received 1,500 matches and one pup has already found a home with an adopter who first saw him on Tinder.

And then it blew up on Twitter:

It appears that, in lieu of finding acceptable (or real) mates on the app, many singles have found the dog profiles more interesting than their human counterparts. Our suggestion? Forgo the human matchmaking (the middlemen, if you will) and just download BarkBuddy, which is all adoptable dogs all the time, zero creeps asking about your astrological sign.

Thea Raymond-Sidel

7 years ago

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