NYPD Cops Heroically Brave Traffic To Save Lamed Dog From Busy Highway

A six-month-old Pittie mix pup was found by two NYPD cops, huddled in the middle of a Queens highway on Monday, January 19th.

Officers Melissa Mezzoiuso and George Morinia-Blocker got to the Grand Central highway after receiving a call about the dog. They blocked lanes of traffic so they could rescue the frightened pup. Once they had him in their safe hands, they took him to the ASPCA Hospital in Manhattan to be tended too.

Image via NY Daily News
Image via NY Daily News

Once they got there, they discovered that this beautiful brindle seemed to have a broken front leg. The vets couldn’t determine whether he sustained the injury prior to being stuck on the highway or after.

Rocky, renamed Huxley, underwent surgery for his injury. And according to the NY Daily News, Huxley is now resting in comfort with round-the-clock care.

Very little is known about Huxley’s past; how he got to the middle of the highway is still a mystery. The ASPCA is urging the public to step forward with any information they can provide on Huxley’s past.

Image via NY Daily News
Image via NY Daily News

While the ASPCA said it’s too soon to comment on when Huxley will be ready for adoption, there are plenty of other dogs like him that would love and appreciate a furever home. If you’d like to help a dog in need and are interested in adopting, bound on over to BarkBuddy!



Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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