Meet Obie, the Obese Dachshund Who Lost Over 50% of His Body Weight

Call it "The Biggest Loser: Dog Edition," because this story is as incredible as it is inspirational. This is Obie today.  A happy, normal-sized, 8-year-old Dachshund who loves the beach and warm, sunny naps. o-OBIE-570 However, THIS was Obie a couple of years ago.  He weighed 77 pounds and had a hard time doing day to day activities.  According to Obie's website, his weight problem stemmed from aging owners with failing health and the fact that they loved him with food. o-OBIE-5702 Through many tears, Obie's owners relinquished him to a relative.  Obie was adopted by Nora Vanatta, who has a degree in animal science and is a certified veterinary technician.  Vanatta made an immediate goal for Obie to lose 40 pounds.
Vanatta tracked Obie's progress on the Facebook page, Obie Dog Journey. After eight months, Obie had lost the 40 pounds and had surgery to remove the excess skin. o-OBIE-5701 Now, Obie is living a wonderful life as a happy, healthy pup!  Vanatta put Obie's diet regimen online to show how he safely lost the weight.  "I hope that he can be an inspiration to any person or animal trying to lose weight," Vanatta said. Obie 2 Obie 3 High paws Obie! (And be sure to head over to Obie's Facebook page to follow his journey and give him congrats.) <3
h/t to Huffington Post.
All images via Biggest Loser Doxie Edition

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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