13 Totally Weird Things Your Dog Enjoys For Some Reason

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 10, 2015

Everyone knows most dogs love eating, playing, and snoozing on a regular basis, but some of their more… unusual activities may have YOU cocking your head in confusion. There are some far reaches of the dog mind us humans will never understand (handstand pee, anyone?) but we can at least shed a little light on the subject.


Drum roll please for the things dogs get SUPER excited about…

belly roll

1. The very existence of shiny objects, like your cellphone and jewelry.

Pup ever steal your phone? He may be hoarding it to ring the neighbor dog, or he just wants your attention.

pug cellphone

2. Making their bed.

If your dog turns in circles for what seems like hours before plopping down for a long slumber, it’s reminiscent of their wild ancestors stamping down leaves and marking their sent before flipping the lights.


3. Eating in private.

It’s true. She just doesn’t want to share with you. (Though humans eat together and dogs are social creatures, they are often quite comfortable snacking in solitude).

corgi food

4. Cooling down with frozen treats.

Sure, we know dogs love treats. But this goes beyond the mundanity of ice cubes and into the next dimension—pupsicles!


5. Mellowing out to some cool tunes.

Is your pup more of a Bon Jovi fan or Beethoven? Music can be a great calming aid, and dogs are especially receptive to human voices in song.


6. Rolling in unidentifiable smelly spots, a.k.a. getting STINKY!

Historically, dogs did this to mask their own scent (and boy does it work), but to my disgust my dog just plain likes it.


7. Poppin’ a squat right on your toes.

Move along, all other dogs. This human is mine.

dog on feet

8. Giving kisses!

The best kisses are those with puppy breath. No matter what, your dog either loves you or just loves the way you taste.


9. Carrying things around.

“Must. Protect. This Ball.” If he drops it at your feet, you’ve got first dibs.


10. Chilling in the dog crate—though some dogs might argue this.

Crate = den. His cage is his safe place, his private room, and the feng shui is perfect in there.


11. Kicking back to watch some TV.

They may not see the images as clearly as we do, but the sounds and lights are still wag-worthy. #remotehog

bulldog commercial

12. Going to obedience school.

Group classes are like social hours! Mental stimulation and playtime in one convenient package.

frenchie grad

13. Running errands with you.

Anything’s better than waiting for you at home, right? It’s good to get out, and there are so many places you can take them! This does NOT mean taking your pooch to the drugstore and leaving him in the car!

bulldog in car

Featured Image via BarkFeed

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 10, 2015

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