Amazing Comic Captures the Laughable Struggle of Being a Dog Parent

Written by: Nicole Zalat

August 11, 2014

First seen on the Off the Leash Facebook page, where fans get a daily dose of humorously accurate sketches by Rupert Fawcett, ‘Off the Leash: The Secret Life of Dogs’ is a collection of the very best of Fawcett’s work. Boasting more than 650K likes on Facebook, the series has already achieved worldwide success as a “celebration of our favorite belly-scratching, tail-chasing, bed-stealing canine friends.”

After being the target of many stares on the subway (I will not apologize for chuckling out loud on the train), I knew I had to share with our BarkPost readers. Here are a few favorites included in the book:

Joys of living in a multi-dog home
Joys of living in a multi-dog home


poppy sits on human
Large dogs = lap dogs


cat nuts
Doggy Schadenfreude


on the sofa
No use getting fancy couch cushions now


We all know that one generous dog who shares
Every. Single. Time.


time to have some fun
The perils of leaving the house with only one poop bag


puppy school newspapers
Gotta start them off young


Inhaling noxious fart fumes is inevitable when you’re a pup parent


Starting this October, US fans will be able to get their paws on a copy of Off the Leash. Click here to preorder.

For more funnies, check out the ‘Off the Leash’ Tumblr and Facebook pages.

All images via author’s Tumblr

Written by: Nicole Zalat

August 11, 2014